Minnesota Truck and Trailer School / Class A Leasing is a CDL truck driving school located in Blaine, Minnesota. We serve Minneapolis, St.Paul, Twin Cities area, and surrounding suburbs, cities, and towns, offering personalized ELDT and CDL driver training to people in need of passing their Class A or Class B Commercial Drivers License Road Test.

Our commercial learners’ vehicles and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) instruction provide the driving foundation and fundamentals for passing the CDL road test and exam. Class A Leasing offers 6 Speed Manual Transmissions and Automatic Transmissions for training. Our CDL school is a premium product, delivering value at an affordable price. The personalized CMV and ELDT instruction is made for the dedicated, hardworking individuals who learn “the only way” hands-on and behind the wheel. Our CDL students want to learn quickly and move forward with their life. How much will it cost me, and how fast can I get-er done? The programs supply the trucks and personalized instructions before you take the road test. Our prices fit those budgets looking for a program that is quick and to the point, lower cost than the expensive alternatives offered at any Drivers Education Schools. We are the Best Truck Driving School in Minnesota.

We look forward to assisting you. Before you begin you must pass the CDL knowledge tests (accessible at any Minnesota Exam Stations), then complete ELDT training (if applicable) to become eligible to take and pass the road test skills exam.

Our SCHOOL trucks

We have over 30 truck and trailer combinations. Our trailers are 32′ gooseneck 5th wheel heavy equipment trailers. The manual trucks are equipped with 6 speed manual transmissions and full air brakes. The trailers are equipped with full air brakes as well. Our CDL vehicles will allow you to get a full Class A license with no restrictions of any kind. We offer automatic and manual transmission trucks, both in Class A or Class B CMV setups. Please call with any questions at 612.723.4398.

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