Jeff Zwilling

Outstanding. Extremely friendly and helpful in showing you what to look out for on the road test. Trucks were very easy to drive and and were in tip top shape which helped make the pre-trip inspection a breeze. I got there and 7am this morning and had my Class A CDL by 2pm. Thanks guys!

Marcus Buffington

Wonderful, I highly recommend these guys. The personnel and vehicles were all readily available for use/questioning. I went into my road test with full confidence. Thank you Class A for my class A!

Mr. Darcy

I did the 1,900 course since I had no experience driving anything with a trailer. In a week I passed my my Class A C.D.L test with a 93%. The team at Class A Leasing worked with my schedule and gave me the time and attention I needed. I can say that you get what you put in but if you work hard and pay attention to what your instructor is telling you to do then you will pass. All of the trucks are user friendly and the same. So it does not matter what truck you are using on the test they are identical unlike a lot of other places I looked at. Plus they are automatics so it is one less thing to worry about. If you are looking to get your C.D.L and not pay upwards of six-thousand dollars for it definitely go here

Joe H

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I called and told Eric that i wanted to take the $3500 training class that they offered, he advised that I come down and practice for a couple hours to assess where I was at, because he thought that I more than likely didn’t need as much training as the class provided. He was right. After 2 hours of practice the instructor said that I was more than ready for the road test. I went yesterday for my test and passed no problem. He could have easily sold me a $3500 class that I didn’t need, instead of just the $1000 for the test and the initial practice. VERY HONEST All their trucks are brand new, excellent condition, clean, and very easy to drive. All their trucks are identical, so the truck you practice in is the same as the truck you test in. The day of your test you get an hour of practice time, an hour of ride along observing time, as well as a very thorough run-through of the pre-trip. You’re also allowed an extra hour with the truck to practice the pre-trip on your own. If you do your homework and read through and memorize all the pre-trip info on the class a leasing website and do what they tell you during practice theres no reason you shouldn’t get your class A in no time and at a much better price than the other overpriced truck driving schools HIGHLY RECOMMEND CLASS A LEASING

Ashley Elliff

I had a great experience using Class A Leasing. I have a little experience in backing up large trucks but definitely needed some extra practice to pass the state road test. The employees were great to work with throughout the process. The trucks were nice and easy to drive.